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Little Month / Big Celebrations: Fabulous February Boasts 100+ Special Holidays, Especially Love-Filled Ones

 U.S. commemorates 57th consecutive American Heart Month in February |  American Heart AssociationFebruary Month Long Observances -

Wave goodbye to January and the promise of all beginnings and possibilities.  

Kiss hello and welcome February, where the rubber hits the road for fresh starts and resolutions.

February is the shortest month but just jam-packed with holidays, festivals, LOVE; plus 2024 is a LEAP Year! 

WIth no less than nearly 110 Observances this month, we’ve not a moment to lose. See what’s on the calendar to celebrate:

Where Does The Name "February" Come From? |

February comes from the Roman festival of purification called Februa, during which people were ritually washed.

Februa/February got its start as an early Roman spring cleaning festival symbolizing fresh starts and resolutions. 

I cleaned out my closet, finally parting with many of my fashion “ensembles” (vs. “outfits,” as my fashion-forward friend, Lynn, points out to the fashion neanderthals!)

OK. OK. Bill noted that there is still so much in my closet.  Nevertheless, I was proud that it was a very big pile when I completed the purge.

Is it wrong to love your clothes so much? For so long?  

I truly hated to part with them…

I thought that “Dress for Success” might turn their noses up at some of the more ahem, vintage pieces.  

Au contraire. The ladies saw the labels and were all in! 

Do it. You’ll feel better all ‘round ~ helping others and a good closet cleanse. 

Today, February is also thought of as a time for reflection and setting intentions for the year ahead.

Reflecting and being good to yourself.

The Times’ featured a story just now about how to keep working towards your New Year’s goals in February by reflecting on your resolutions; give yourself a margin of error, and show yourself some compassion.  

And compassion is key to the Year of the Dragon, a key characteristic of the animal. 

Ready to explore all that Fabulous February has to offer? 

February is for Love

February is often referred to as the Rarest Month ~ Why? Because those who track these things (!), say that conception would have happened the previous May and since the weather is warmer, days are longer, fewer babies tend to be conceived.  To be born in February.  

So, if you’re a Pisces baby, you’re a rare one indeed.  

Which leads us to celebrate what most of us think of when we think of February: Love Month.

 February is Library Lovers' Month! - Pratt Chat

 A Healthy Smile Can Lead to a Healthy Heart

Superbowl ~ February 11. Even the big game is aflutter with certain lovebirds this year. 

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and a MAGA Meltdown - The New York Times Photo: NY Times 

Fat Tuesday ~ Mardi Gras ~ February 13th  

And of course, Valentine’s Day.  February 14th.

Valentine's Day 2024 - Awareness Days Events Calendar 2024

Cards, Flowers, Food made with love ~whether you make and bake it or you dine out with your loved one. 

You can’t go wrong with a box of high-quality chocolates. 

We shop at a local spot that makes them all by hand.  

A great candy source I’ve used, especially when sending chocolate gifts is: Li-Lac Chocolates. 

Speaking of chocolate ~ I highly recommend shaking up some chocolate martinis. 


Surefire Chocolate Martini Recipe! 🍫🍸

Mmmm. I blend Kahlua, Licor 43 chocolate, & fresh, Breville-brewed espresso using fresh-roasted and ground coffee, from our local Fair Mountain Coffee Roasters. 


Then I lovingly pour into my special pink Flamingo martini glasses 🦩

Garnished with chocolate rim and two espresso chocolates swimming in the ambrosia.

You can also drop in chocolate cherries, after all, it’s National Cherry Month. 🍒

You can omit the coffee if you want a purely chocolate drink. You can also add in Bailey’s Irish Cream or just dairy cream. Or whipped cream made with Frangelico.

The possibilities are dizzying…

It’s rather crummy that Ash Wednesday is the same day as Valentine’s Day this year.  Don’t give up chocolate for Lent or your penance resolution will crater before you get out of the starting gate!  

gold dragon statue atop wood blocks that spell out 2024 for lunar new year in february  Nora Carol Photography//Getty Images 

Lunar New Year ~ February 10th 

This is the year of the Dragon.  The dragon is regarded as a representation of bravery, strength, and luck, but only if you harness the animal’s most important quality: compassion.

The year’s dragon sign is, more specifically, a wood dragon. 

The element of wood is seen in Daoist tradition as a return to the natural state of being, which in the dragon’s case, points to a return to kindness. And Confucian thought interprets wood as a symbol of unlimited potential. 

Full Moon February 2024 | Snow Moon Meaning | Snow Moon 2024 | Star Walk

Snow Moon is February 24

From a spiritual perspective, the snow moon represents an opportunity to turn inward and examine your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs, as people may spend more time indoors due to the cold temperatures. The snow moon serves as a reminder to embrace the present moment and find beauty in the stillness of winter. It is a time to rest and prepare your mind, body, and spirit before the new season and astrological year.

February is chock-a-block with special “days.”  Here are just a few topline highlights that I thought you would enjoy celebrating. It’s fun! 

Groundhog Day ~February 2  Groundhog Day 2024: Will the groundhog see its shadow? What to know   

National Baked Alaska Day ~ We were a wee bit ahead of the party ~ with this luxurious dessert, it’s not a surprise. Here, You can read my previous post with recipe.

National Carrot Cake Day ~ Maybe my favorite cake!  February 3.  This image and recipe from Lisa, Unpeeled Journal. Lisa is one of my special Ladies Who Lunch Conversations guests.  Her recipes are outstanding.  

carrot cake and cupcakes on table with carrot peels

National Girls and Women in Sports Day ~ February 7th

National Pizza Day ~ February 9th    PIZZA PIE DAY - February 9, 2024 - National Today

National Perfume Day ~ February 17th 17th February | Happy Perfume Day | Dp Status | Perfume Day Images  Valentine'sDay #pics #Valentine - YouTube

Amouage Ashore – Luxe Perfumery  You might consider my favorite: Ashore, from Amouage. This special fragrance was designed by a very special, very inspiring woman Mackenzie Reilly, who was a guest on my videocast, Ladies Who Lunch Conversations.  I was immediately smitten with her fragrance design.  It possesses a magical, hypnotical story. 

Top notes are Pink Pepper, Cardamom and Turmeric; middle notes are Jasmine Sambac, Solar Notes and Rose; base notes are Ambergris, Sandalwood and Olibanum.

I just discovered that my dear friend, CJ, also wears an Amouage fragrance: Guidance  

Amouage's Four New Scents Portray Royal Omani Frankincense  A heavenly blend of pear, olibanum, hazelnut

Middle notes: osmanthus, jasmine Sambac, saffron, rose

Base notes: sandalwood, vanilla, akigalawood, ambergris, labdanum.

President’s Day ~ February 19th 

National Love Your Pet Day ~ February 20th.        

KGW-TV - Happy National Love Your Pet Day! Whether you give ...

National Tell a Fairy Tale Day ~ February 26   NATIONAL TELL A FAIRY TALE DAY - February 26 - National Day Calendar

National Leap Day ~ February 29  What will you do with your extra day?

Too much for just a day ~ You simply must celebrate National Flirting Week, February 11 – 17. 😘     

26,192 Vintage Flirt Images, Stock Photos, 3D objects, & Vectors |  Shutterstock

Every year, Flirt Day falls on february 18, after Slap Day, Kick Day and Perfume Day. Flirt day is all about making the first move and the first impression!

And there are so many more Days to celebrate in February.  I was rather surprised when researching this Post. I knew there was a lot stuffed into this little month, but I had no idea just how many… 

Little month. Big list of celebrations.  

February’s Birthstone is Amethyst  

It is considered a symbol of friendship, trust, protection, commitment, and love, spirituality, wisdom, sobriety and security. 

And it’s so beautiful.  

Recently, Bill and I were gobsmacked seeing these gemstones at the American Museum of History’s exhibit.

On a smaller, tidier scale, I found this Amethyst “tree” irresistible (while shopping for holiday gifts ^:^)

And just recently, found this Amethyst Witches Broom at a new Witches Shop in our hamlet near our country house, the Wyrd Witch.  It was explained to me that the broom “sweeps out” bad things, and “sweeps in the good.” 
That’s a cleaning regime I can get behind! 

Violets, Iris, and Primrose are February’s Birth Month Flowers ~

Premium Photo | Bouquet of violets flowers isolated on white : Stargazer Barn Be My Roman Empire Bouquet Telstar Iris Fresh Flowers  Bouquet - Overnight Prime Delivery, Fresh Cut Bouquet of Flowers Gift For  Birthday, Anniversary, Mothers, Get Well - 40

Sending or bringing someone a lovely February birth month bouquet would be most welcome and appreciated.

As would a botanical art rendered by a botanical artist.  

This one is by Wendy Hollender ~ a magnificent artist as you can see here.   

Flowers — Botanical Artist & Illustrator, Learn to draw Art Books, Art  Supplies, Workshops

I’ve worked with Wendy in the past, to design a scarf for the Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival the Botanic Garden, as well as at our home in the Garden State to create Roman Shades printed with local, native plants and blossoms that I selected.  

In addition to the February Month highlights above, here are just a few more: 

February Monthly Observances

  • Black History Month Black History Month    How Businesses Can Celebrate the Month of February

  • American Heart Month

  • Canned Food Month

  • Great American Pie Month

  • National Bird Feeding Month

  • National Grapefruit Month

  • National Children’s Dental Health Month

  • National Self Check Month

  • National Hot Breakfast Month

  • National Snack Food Month

  • National Embroidery Month

  • National Weddings Month

I sincerely hope that you make the best of February. 

Celebrate the fresh start, resolutions, cleansings, and the Love and Compassion that mark this month.  

And then select the fun, even quirky days that make you smile. 

We have much to be grateful for… 

“Be The Fountain; Not The Drain.”



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    Thank you. I'm thrilled that you are keen to celebrate all of February's happy days. Do you have a favorite? Were any of the February highlights new to you? Please refer back to Garden Glamour to mark the holidays ~ you won't want to miss any. Life is short ~ start partying 🙂 And perhaps you can think of February as the in-training month ~ get you in shape for all the celebrations to come this year. Cheers.

  • Garden Glamour

    February is indeed a head-spinning, events heavy month. No time to waste ~ Cheers to celebrating all the wonderful, blissful February charms. Refer back to my Garden Glamour so you don't miss a moment of joy. What's your favorite holiday this month??

  • Anonymous

    So much going on this month I will need to take the rest of the year off. Thanks Leeann for all the info.

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    What a wonderful month. I’m so inspired by all that happens. I’ll have to read your info again. Thanks once again for your research.

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