"There is inspiration all around us, all you've got to do is look."
Elizabeth Taylor



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Tablescape Design Spans the Summer Season – Here’s How To Get the Look

One could be forgiven for thinking that an American patriotic tablescape for Memorial Day or Independence Day is pretty easy or simple to do.   After all, the red, white, and blue colors are a given.  And if you wanted to “slip in” a Bastille Day celebration – (that also marks my wedding anniversary.  Don’t start – I’ve heard all the related jokes for years!) –  this too totally works for an easy transition to mid-July.  And now that we’re almost into August, I realize that with a few tweaks, the patriotic tablescape can sail right through to celebrate Labor Day,…

A Fierce Advocate for Animal Conservation: April Kelly Is a Friend

In befriending April Kelly, I can readily appreciate how the planet’s wildlife has found their “forever friend.”  Golly, I was so honored that April wrote on the Ladies Who Lunch Conversations post: You are the perfect example of “women supporting women,” and I am proud to call you a friend. 🥰🙏 Awww. We all need such a special, unconditional friendship… That April is a fierce advocate for wildlife conservation and sustainable habitat demonstrates her uncompromising, virtuous, chivalric code.  Allow me to explain an extraordinary passion project:

Are You A Plant Lover? Are You Food Curious? Special Guest, Dr. Cassandra Quave, “The Plant Hunter,” Reveals Her Search for Healing Plants & Her Inspiring Life

  One of the first impressions I had when I discovered Dr. Cassandra Quave Ph.D, is that she is so approachable ~ so girlfriend-ready!  The fact that she is a kind of plant polymath: a world-renowned scientist, author, speaker, podcast host, wife, mother, explorer who leads a group of research scientists studying medicinal plants to find new life-saving drugs from nature, and professor at Emory University School of Medicine was rather intimidating, to be honest.  Yet her genuine goodness is undeniably  crystalline. She is a force of nature!  Naturally 😀 I was in awe of her work as a leading…

Celebrate The Academy Awards With Two Oscar-Worthy, Starring Cocktail Recipes Saluting Artists & Oscar History

    The Oscars call for a few good cocktails to celebrate Hollywood’s big night of fashion, film, and more than brief moments of frisson.  From the standards ~ “The envelope please,” to “I want to thank God/Mother” to the astonishing (the Slap), Oscar night is a glamorous, fun evening of entertainment.  Here’s a bit of Oscar history and lore, and two fabulous Cocktails inspired by two of this year’s big blockbuster movies: “BarbenHeimer.” Cocktails, just like movies, need a good story to be a star.     Who Named Oscar? The first Academy Awards took place in 1929. The…

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"Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

 I adore plants. Plants are my muse ~ they are my paramour… I’m a garden artist; a nature lover, & horticulturist. I’m an author & writer. My passion for culture & beauty, along with my trait curiosity, brings you an authentic celebration of life. I’m a storyteller ~ weaving the artful gifts of horticulture, garden design, tablescape decor, floral design, cocktail culture, garden-to-glass recipes & their glamorous garnishes, homegrown edibles, food & drink; & cooking, to bring you my flair & what I’ve been told is an avid elan ~ as well as the stories from those who inspire me ~ to pursue an elegant, enduring, & joyful, entertaining lifestyle. It’s an honor & a privilege to do what you love.

Join me to celebrate a romantic, garden-infused, entertaining lifestyle filled with artful design, sparkling dinner parties, peerless martinis, and copious magnums of champagne!